Disability Seminars

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Disability Seminars

Cathy and Bob on their custom motorcycle with sidecar. The sidecar carries Bob’s power wheelchair.

Cathy and Bob have prepared Christian based seminars to encourage the disabled and to educate care-givers to the disabled. Their seminars use their own collective 60+ years of experience being disabled to present a message of hope and encouragement to everyone who listens.

Cathy and Bob Burns are both disabled. Cathy has been disabled for more than ten years and Bob has been a service-connected disabled  veteran for more than 50 years


“Disability or Opportunity” explores a Christian based path which enables a person to approach their disability as an Opportunity to Adapt and Overcome.

“Caring for the Disabled” is a Christian based guide for giving care to the disabled. The seminar explores the good ways, and not so good ways, to care for the disabled.

Cathy and Bob will be available to present these seminars at your venue beginning in March of 2021.  Contact the K4RHB Public Affairs Officer, John Phillips, by email to schedule a seminar.

John Phillips email: