ARRL Ham Radio Technician Class

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ARRL Ham Radio Technician Class

ARRL Ham Radio Technician Class Course Features

The PowerPoint Modules are intended for use by qualified Amateur Radio Instructors. Many of the bullet points given in the PowerPoint Modules are intended to be topic discussion points and not, by themselves, sufficient information to pass the FCC Exam.

Includes “Helpful Information for Ham Radio Instructors.pdf”

Includes 18 PowerPoint modules covering the material needed to pass the FCC Technician Class Exam for 2018 through 2021.

Includes an example Technician Class Course Schedule and Syllabus.

Includes Instruction in basic algebraic concepts to help students better understand formulas and equations

Basic instruction in Scientific Notation with powers of 10 to help students better understand the metric system

Simple method for calculating effective radiated power using dB gain

Standardized Bullet Point hierarchy that is uniform throughout the PowerPoint Modules. A Standardized Bullet Point hierarchy helps students to recognize topic and subtopic more readily

Color coded words, phrases, and symbols that help students recognize information that is important to learn

Questions and answers taken directly from the Technician Class Question Pool at the end of each module