About Bob Burns, K4RHB

I have been Blessed by my Lord Jesus Christ my whole life! All that has been accomplished in my life has been done through Him!
I got my first Ham License at the age of 12. I’ve lived and worked in the world of High-Tech ever since!

I started working with computers in 1968 when I entered the U.S. Army’s Automated Data Processing School at Fort Monmouth, NJ. I retired from the army in 1971. I joined the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary in 1988. I was a Squadron Commander for a few years but spent most of a 20 year career in Communications. I retired from the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary in 2008 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. I spent my 26 year civilian career working for several companies in software engineering. I retired from Science Applications International Company in 2010 as a Chief Software Design Engineer.

I’ve also been a pilot and a motorcyclist for more decades than I care to articulate!! I’ve been fighting Wilson’s Disease for 50 years. The Disease has taken away my ability to walk but it hasn’t diminished my love of life. I’ve spent my whole adult life adapting and overcoming. The wheelchair is just one more adaptation. I needed a radio station table that would allow me to reach everything from my wheelchair. So, I designed a table for my needs and built it myself from my wheelchair. I did a lot of crawling around on the garage floor too.

Company Officers

Director/Chief Software Engineer/Disability Speaker

Bob Burns



Robert E. Burns

Vice President

Cathy M. Burns


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Jack Dills


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John Phillips

Bob Burns

“God’s light shining on a motorcycle designed and built for disabled veteran and disabled wife, Bob and Cathy Burns. This motorcycle is a statement that nothing is impossible with Jesus! The photo was taken by Cathy Burns at the Rattlesnake Saloon in Tuscumbia, Alabama.”